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Warlick on Blogging

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I found Warlick’s writing on blogging very interesting and his interpretations extremely insightful. I liked his initial point about educators being unfamiliar with blogging when it first came out, making many of them disregard it for its educational benefits. This seems to be an ongoing trend with the “old school” teachers of today. I remember when I was in high school, many teachers thought the best approach to learning was to sit in class and take notes, do book reports, projects, and papers. I only remember a few times throughout high school when students were encouraged to use technology beyond printing off a resource to use for a paper. One of which was in my Video Productions class.  We were encouraged to look at videos on YouTube to gain ideas of our own, watch tutorials on how to edit film, and navigate the web to find the latest innovations in videography.

Another great thing I learned about blogging is that it acts as a resource for communicating with the masses. As Warlick mentioned, many service members use it to inform others of their experiences, which is great for friends and family members. It was also said that many politicians are now blogging, and because of it, are reaching a whole new audience that they might not have before. I think this is an absolutely fantastic resource for students and the everyday person. Once I become a professional I plan to have a blog. I would use it to get my research and views out to potential clients as well as other scholars. In fields like Exercise Physiology and Personal Training it is necessary that you are always learning and keeping up with the latest research, this is something that having the knowledge of blogging would enable me to do. It is a great resource and I am ready to further my familiarity with it. Additionally, I look forward to adding it to my box of tools to use for networking with others and sharing new information.

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Here is my PLN, I have provided some useful links, my contact info, and some of my interests.

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